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Regarding Our Point System

The One Crawler

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Regarding Our Point System

Post by The One Crawler on Fri May 06, 2016 2:55 pm

How this point system works:

1 Point: Writing A Message
3 Points: Write A Thread
3 Points: Per Day After Registration

Or Option Two!

Donations: If you visit the "donations" thread, you may donate as little as $5.00 to get 500 Points. So if you donate $20.00 you receive 2000 points.

What To Use Your Points On:

Vip Member Status: 1500 Points - You are viewed higher than our diehard members & the newbies, this rank gives you a green color and your allowed to change your name, get answered faster, gets to play games with me & our team! (Lasts Three Weeks)

Game Player: 1000 Points - Gets To Play & Be Apart Of Our Team For Videos, You Will Be Posted About On The Website Showing A Clip Of Your Game Play / Trolling

Diehard: 700 Points - Shows your an active member, you get a name color change from gray to white, to normally reach this rank you must have 500 posts but you may pay for it & get it sooner & faster. This rank shows your an active member & a noticed member.

Change Of Username: This costs 500 points - allows a 1 TIME change to your name!

Free B: costs a total of 250 Points - This allows those to go from "Spammers" rank to Newbie again, all deranks & negative comments erased, you may only use this 3 times & after the 3rd time IMMEDIATELY BANNED (using *'s to show if you used one)

MVP: 100 Points - Allows name glitter or a name affect

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